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Periods was something no one talked about openly and advertising about menstrual hygiene products was unheard of. Since then, Indian women have changed from being almost completely cloth users to about 50% of them (in urban areas) now using pads.

She bleeds. She is dangerous. She is untouchable. Banish her to the darkroom. Give her a jute bag to sleep on. Her menstrual blood is impure! Menstruation is still considered taboo in society. It is a natural process. It is how we function. Don’t shy away. Don’t be embarrassed. Embrace it with pride.

Feel the pride to use pads with Perfect Care. It is organic, made from 100% cotton and dry net, eco-safe, maintains, toxic-free fragrance, high absorbent, rash-free, and contains Disposable bags.


6 Pads Dry Net With Wings

Regular Napkins

6 Pads + 1 Free Dry Comfort With Wings

Extra Large Napkins

why US

What we do and why we do?

Perfect Care Users are always being championing girls’ and women’s confidence through puberty & confidence education, providing access to period products and driving societal change.

When it comes to period protection for India’s women and girls, hygiene cannot be compromised. If the sanitary pads are manufactured with inadequate quality standards or frequently touched by bare hands, particularly while packing, they can do more harm than good. To deliver safe sanitary pads that are to be used by a woman – the key is to ensure that these have been made in superior safety and hygiene conditions. These sanitary pads are made in India with international safety standards, and with this deep commitment to hygiene, the promise of menstrual safety makes way into Indian households.

We believe women are incredible. They have unlimited potential. They’re strong with a splash of fabulous and a dash of wonderful and can do anything they put their minds to. And Perfect Care  is their biggest cheerleader!

Innovation is Power

All women deserve better than the status, so we work like crazy to give you the innovative products that keep you unstoppable every single day.

Ever been told you do something like a girl? Great! Be proud of that, because girls rule!

That’s the whole point of our #LikeAGirl movement. During puberty, a girl’s confidence can plummet, and Perfect Care is out to change that. By working together to destroy stereotypes and showing the world what being a girl or woman really means, we’re creating an amazing sisterhood that stretches across the globe.

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